Together for a TB-free Romania

Association for Supporting Patients with Multidrug-Resistance Tuberculosis (ASPTMR)
Multidisciplinary and intersectoral model of intervention

Nongovernmental Organizations for Children Federation (FONPC)
LAN-NET: Socio-professional network

The Romanian Landscape Architects Association
5% in 5 years. Green procurement for a green economy

The Center for Sustainable Policies Ecopolis (Ecopolis)

Federation of Nongovernmental Organizations for Social Services – FONSS
Diabetes prevention, information and counseling service (SPIC)

Federation of Associations of People with Diabetes Romania
Romania against food waste

Mai Mult Verde Association
Regional volunteering network

Caritas Catolica Association
Active participation of youth

Funky Citizens Association
Through my eyes

The National Union of Organizations of People Affected by HIV/AIDS (UNOPA)
Empowered Senior Citizens

Caritas Romania Confederation
Together we are a voice!

Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation
Pension reform – from experts to public

Resource Center for Public Participation Foundation
SenioriNet – NGO network

Caritas Romania Confederation